Hello, this is a preview of the Virtual Reality project A Short History of The Gaze.

Full playthrough

Password: "gaze"


The project has been developed on Oculus Rift DK2, it should work on the commercial version as well. It doesn't require controllers other than the headset, not even the camera for positioning.
These technologies are still new and riddled with incompatibilities, so please let me know if you encounter problems: paolo@molleindustria.it


Note: after the last scene it loops back to the beginning, to quit press Escape.

Windows executable: gazeWindows.zip

Mac executable: gazeMac.zip

NON VR Mac preview (screen based, mouse controlled): gazeNotVR.zip

NON VR Windows preview (screen based, mouse controlled): gazeNotVR.zip

Description and statement

A Short History of the Gaze is a collection of semi-abstract interactive scenarios examining the act of looking and its relationship with violence. From the evolution of sight in a pre-cambrian sea creature to the dominance display of a primate, from a landscape of billboards begging for attention to an infinite panopticon, the player traverses and affects the virtual scenes by simply looking (or not looking) at things.

The gaze is central to any Virtual Reality experience and yet rarely problematized. I wanted to create an artifact that is immersive while fighting against the suspension of disbelief, in which the player/viewer is encouraged to fill the conceptual gaps between dramatically different scenario. Taking from the tradition of the film essay (although without words), a Short History of the Gaze is my response to the many oversimplifications that afflict the discourse surrounding virtual reality: VR as presence and embodiment, VR as empathy amplifier, VR as the liberation from a despotic directorial gaze etc.

Update 10/01/2016 The project is now complete, a new version with improved user experience and the final scene has been uploaded.