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Faith Fighter 2 is the sequel of the infamous game that outraged over 1.3 billions of muslims from 57 countries. The scandal resulted in a ban from all the internets! We regretted the use of irony and violence and this time we want to offer you a positive, nonviolent educational game that teaches the universal values of tolerance and respect. This is a very simple game that can be played by children of all ages, religious leaders and even journalists!

Molleindustria - 2009


The Controversy

Press relase from 04 28 2009:

Today after an official statement by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) we decided to remove the game Faith Fighter from our site.

Faith Fighter was meant to be a game against intolerance which used over-the-top irony and a cartoonish style to express the instrumental use of religions.

Faith Fighter depicted, in a mildly politically incorrect way, all the major religions as a response to the one-way islamophobic satire of the Jyllands-Posten Mohammad cartoons.

If an established organization didn't understand the irony and the message of Faith Fighter and it's claiming the game incites intolerance, we simply failed.

The game has been released more than a year ago, it got international news coverage, it has been played by millions of players on the Internet and it has been exhibited in several artistic venues around the world. Reviews have been generally positive and we only received two letters of complaints by two catholic players.

We suspect that people at OIC never played the game and only referred to the article on Metro UK that successfully manufactured this controversy.
This has happened before with games as Super Columbine Massacre RPG, Virtual Jihadi and our Operation: Pedopriest, works that attracted heavy criticism based on false assumptions spread by mass media.
This phenomenon is related to the still marginal role of the medium: commentators feel authorized to judge a game without playing it, conforming to the common narrative depicting video game as violence instigators (a narrative we tried to make fun of promoting Faith Fighter as a cathartic tool for religious hate).

We knew that this was a risky operation and we acknowledge our failure as communicators.

Taking down the game from this website is a symbolic act: copies and documentation of Faith Fighter can be found all over the Internet.
Hopefully this will help people to form their opinions by examining the actual work and not the sensationalist accounts spread by mass media.

Mirror of the game


In few hours this statement generated way more heated reactions than the release of the game itself. We are not "bowing to the foundamentalists ", we have no sympathy for any religion but we are aware that muslims are victim of widespread discrimination in the Western world. This islamophobia is functional to the imperial interests in Middle East and all over the world. We just want to make clear that the game was not intended to contribute to the media-assisted narrative "islamic world vs freedom of speech ".

This work is licensed under a Creative Common license